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Overweight State


   There’s a joke here in Georgia – “Thank God for Mississippi” – because if it wasn’t for our neighbor to the west we would be last in most national polls.  It holds true for the national childhood obesity rate. Yep, we  have the second highest one, right behind Mississippi. The second highest childhood obesity rate in the country. In a state with plenty of sunshine. No excuse not to get outside and play. In a state with abundant peach orchards and poulty farms and peanuts. Fruits, lean proteins, healthy snacks. It’s also a state where Southern cooking and tradition and yes, poverty mean those peaches are made to stretch in a sugary cobbler. The chicken is fried. And the peanuts top a hot fudge sundae. Our children are gaining weight at an alarming rate and they are carrying it into adulthood with diabetes and heart disease. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has launched a controversial ad campaign against childhood obesity. It features overweight kids talking about how tough it is to be an overweight kid. The state has launched a fitness program in every school  where a child’s weight, height, and BMI are measured and they must pass a physical fitness test. Run a mile. Do push-ups. Do sit-ups. This too is proving controversial because parents are worried about where that info is going and what it’s being used for. They’re worried about how their child will feel and about how the other children will treat them. And we here at CBS Atlanta are partnering with the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to put a salad bar in every school cafeteria. Salad bars filled with fruits, veggies, whole grains, and proteins, that kids can use as their daily meal or as a way to supplement their hot school lunch or lunch from home. Controversy? No. Resistance? Yes. It seems some schools are reluctant to change or worried about cost (taken care of) or they simply think the kids won’t like it. Why so much push back on an issue that is clearly reaching epidemic proportions in our state? My humble opinion is Responsibilty with a capital R. Who is responsible for this? Who wants to take responsibility? I personally feel it is the parents’ repsonsbility. The child bears some as well. But I’m all for making it easier for kids and their parents to make healthier choices when they’re being responsible. I’m proud of our Fit Kids, Fit Families campaign we debuted this week. I’m proud of the children’s hospital, our football team, our state health department, and our schools for talking about this problem, for taking the first steps in tackling this problem, and for cutting through the controversy and resistance to end this problem. Now kids, it’s your turn. Make us proud.

Below is a link to the Fit Kids, Fit Families section on our website.

The Organ Trail


       The road of organ donation is paved with the unbelievable selflessness of many people. When someone you love has died or is dying, the last thing you probably want to think about is what to do with their organs. But making the decision to donate them can mean hope and opportunity and.. life for many other people. Tuesday night on CBS Atlanta news at 11, we visit with two incredible women. One who made a heartrenching decision about her son. The other who got a second chance because of the generosity of a stranger. They both faced death.. and now are facing life – together. Hear their stories and learn how to become an organ donor Tuesday night at 11.

Don’t Be Afraid!


   About a year and a half ago I got my first mammogram. I was scared and tense and frankly, wanted to put it off. It hurt ( so much so that I ended up with bruises ).  The tissue was dense and gave technicians what turned out to be a false reading. That lead to another mammogram and a couple of days of concern for me and my husband. Everything turned out fine but what if it hadn’t? The bruising and discomfort would have been worth it to diagnose a larger health issue and start treating it immediately.

     Mammograms are one of the tests women fear most. Colonoscopies are another. Endoscopies – a third. This Thursday at 11 we shatter the mysteries around these tests and show you that you have nothing to fear. Yes it may hurt for a bit. Yes, they may find something. But by knowing the steps involved with each procedure, what instruments they use and why, and what exactly they are looking for, we hope to ease your worry. These tests are vital in diagnosing lethal diseases that kill too many women every year. So, join me Thursday at 11 for “Tests Women Fear” and I’ll show you why you shouldn’t be afraid.

The ‘White’ Stuff


U.S. Dentists Can’t Make Nation’s Teeth Any Damn Whiter

   That is one of my favorite headlines from the satirical news magazine “The Onion.” (Please excuse the swear word but for a good laugh go to to read the entire article) It’s funny when you think of how as a nation we have become obsessed with whiter teeth. From strips to gels to lasers to just flat out replacing your old not white enough teeth with gleaming veneers. Americans want a pearly white smile. That said, we decided to test three teeth whiteners to see which one worked best and cost least.  This Wednesday night at 11:00, see what we uncovered. We have the side effects, the cost like I said, and telling before and after photos of the results. And yes, there were visible results! Teeth Whitening Wednesday night at 11 – a story that will make you smile! (awwwww.)

Dirty Makeup


     Tuesday night at 11 – join me for an eye opening report on makeup. Just how dirty is the stuff you’re putting on your face? It may seem frugal to keep eyeshadow or powder for years but you may be surprised at what can start growing in the little container. In our special report we send makeup from our newsroom staff to a lab for testing.  We also go undercover to see how clean those makeup testers at the mall really are! Before you decide to freshen up your lipgloss with a sample you’ll want to see this story. We show you what can grow on and in your makeup and when to toss it.  Don’t ‘put your face on’ until you watch our special report Tuesday night at 11:00.

Silence that snoring


   This Sunday night at 11 – how snoring is more than a nuisance and how to silence it for good. We meet a couple who have shared a bed for 40 years but snoring is threatening to break them up! Find out what snoring says about your body and your health and what you can do to finally get a good night’s sleep. Because if you’re sleeping better and more soundly, chances are your bedmate is too! And that makes everyone happy, doesn’t it. Learn how to stop snoring in my special report Sunday, January 30th at 11:00.

In the Mood


   There’s  a little blue pill to help men ‘get up’ for sex, so why isn’t there a little pink pill for women? As we get older, our sex drives usually slip into neutral. Jobs, children, lenghty relationships – all of it combines to sap our sexual energy. So what are the options out there for women? Thursday, November 18th at 11:00 we look at the different ways women can boost their sex drive and bring a little more life into the bedroom. From supplements to oils to a shot you get ‘where the sun don’t shine.’ See which ones women claim work and which ones are so iffy they can’t even get approved for use.

    Also, Thursday morning I’ll be live on the Regular Guys morning show (Rock 100.5) at 7:40 a.m. and on The Bert Show (All the Hits Q-100) at 8:40 a.m. to talk more about our special health alert – The Little Pink Pill. Wake up with me!