Viva La Resolution


   First, Happy New Year! It’s cold today, the sun is shining brilliantly, and everyone is back to work. Working in TV, it never really seems like the holidays because there are always newscasts. And although we didn’t travel home for Christmas this year, we had a wonderful one here and a great New Year’s Eve get together with friends at our house. Santa was good to us and just spending a couple days together does good things for my soul. I do get melancholy though when it’s all over. Do you? The tree is down, the lights are put away, there aren’t any more cards coming in the mail. It’s over for another year. Driving home last night from work the neighborhood seemed oddly dark with everyone’s Christmas lights either off or down. It was a stark reminder that now we must face the arduous task that is January. Is this why people make resolutions? To give them something to power through the post-holiday blahs? To make them feel as if this new year really is a new start and not just another day? I’m not a big resolution maker. I work all year to accomplish many things and have never really singled out something big at the start to tackle. I know I will not work out more. I’m certain I won’t eat better. I do want to enter some stories for Emmy awards this year. I had a good 2011 in the reporting department, thank you. I’d like to get to the beach this year. Read this year. Walk my dogs. Laugh with my daughter. See ‘Contagion’ (I love a good global epidemic movie!) Call my grandmother more. Host an Oscars party (I love the Oscars!)  And then I’ll figure out what to in February!! Are these everday things resolutions? I guess maybe they are. To me they are simply the stuff that makes up a good year. My birthday just happens to fall during this holiday hangover month. I resolve to eat a nice dinner and drink too much wine to celebrate. The Mayans believed this year is the one in which our world ends. I’m sure we’ll still be here in 2013 but if by chance they were onto something, I wouldn’t change the things I want to do. Isn’t that the perfect resolution?

What do you want to do in 2012?


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