Wish List


    We aired the obligatory story this week about children’s letters to Santa. The gist of it was that letters this year are a bit gloomier than in year’s past. Gone are the pleas for a Playstation and skateboard. They’ve been replaced by “a job for mom or dad.” Touching. But then the reporter added something that at first seemed ridiculous, adults writing to Santa asking for the same. Some letters even had a resume attached. Like I said, it seemed odd. Adults. Asking Santa for a job. But then I thought, what does it hurt? What if it made that person feel better writing down their worries for a fictional character. Maybe sending their resume to an overworked postal employee made them feel not quite as hopeless in their job hunt. Maybe wishing for something is the key to making it happen.

  So this adult has a few things I’d like to request of Santa, if I may.

  Dear Santa,

      Please drive the cancer from the body of the son of my dear friend. May he grow old and have his grandbabies come to his house for Christmas.

      Please let my grandmother know how deeply she is loved as she spends Christmas alone. May our Thanksgiving visit linger in her memory.

     Please guide my brother as he finds his way in the time of great unemployment and an uncertain economy.

     Please reassure our families of our love as we spend Christmas apart for another year.

    Help those who cannot help themselves. Ensure safe travels for those far from home. Bring joy to those for whom all seems lost.

     Mostly, grant me the gift of grace. To appreciate all that I have. To never take things like health, love, or a job for granted.

    Oh, and Santa, if you can, there is a red patent leather Valentino purse…

    What? It’s a wish list!!

    Merry Christmas.

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