On My Mind Tonight 11-8-11


    How easily your path can change because of someone else’s words. Whether what his accusers say is true or not, Herman Cain will not become President now.

    Can you imagine how stressful being President must be? We watch these men age before our eyes.

    Speaking of aging, my tween daughter is growing up too fast. With her fringe boots and cute dress today, she looked like a young woman heading to school.

     She has an opportunity to take the A-C-T college entrance exam this winter as a 7th grader through a program with Duke University. I could not be more proud of her.

     I can’t rememer what I scored on either the A-C-T or the S-A-T. Can you?

     The fall weather has been spectacular. My favorite time of year.

     A saleswoman at Nordstrom today said and I quote “Hugo Boss sizes run small so if that dress doesn’t fit, it’s the dress, not you.” Guess what? I wasn’t worried that it would be me. I would have just grabbed a different size. And we wonder why women have such a complex about their dress size.

      I love that we newswomen have gotten away from the man’s blazer uniform that has been the norm for years. I still have a few suits but its nice to wear dresses on the air. It’s okay to be a woman in a man’s world.

      I’m really not a fan of the stick figure family stickers people have on their cars. Or the family of sea turtles representing the family members. Or the family of flip-flops. Although I did see one the other day and the stick figure had wings and I assumed it was a family member who had passed and I thought that was kind of sweet.

      It’s still one step above the strange vanity license plate though.

      Although I do love a good bumper sticker.

     My favorite of all time “HONK IF YOU LOVE PEACE AND QUIET.”

      The production crew, whom I affectionately refer to as my ‘production posse’, brought Dunkin’ Donuts ‘munchkins’ to the studio today. They are my posse for a reason.

      The ‘overweight lover’ Heavy D died today. Me and my best friend Kari listened to his music throughout college. He was only two years older than I am now.

     As the proud owner of an iPad and reader of Steve Jobs biography, I am now an Apple convert.

    Jobs was a real jerk. A brilliant, charismatic jerk.

    The Apple ad “Here’s to the crazy ones” still gives me goosebumps.

    I’m not one of the crazy ones. I wish I was. I’m so grateful though that people who think different do exist. Makes life infinitely more interesting.

    Time to ‘face time’ my daughter and tuck her in. Where there once was a phone call, now I can look into that sweet sleepy face before I go on the air every night.

    That’s my kind of crazy.

     Your turn.

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