Parental Guidance Suggested


      I let her do it. I caved. I’m a sucker, a pushover, a softie. For months, my daughter has been wanting a facebook page. I’m not on facebook. Her father is. I was against it. Said father was leaving it up to me. I said no. No, what could you possibly do on there that you can’t accomplish during school, or on your phone, or through e-mail, or at football games. No, it will take too much time away from homework and your chores and your animals. No, you’re too young. No, you’ll become obsessed with checking your page. No. But then this weekend something happened. Was it the big blue eyes? Was it the sweet voice asking again for the hundredth time? Was it my fatigue? Was it that she’s a great kid with great grades and a good attitude and .. yes. That’s why I caved. She’s a good kid. And she doesn’t ask for much. She really doesn’t. I give her much. But when I think about it, she doesn’t ask for it. She does what’s she told, she brings home all A’s, she is a dedicated cheerleader and violinist and gymnast and swimmer and whatever else she needs to be. She is polite and smart and kind and aw hell, why shouldn’t she get to indulge in the one thing all her friends and half the planet is indulging in anyway. There are rules. No friending adults that aren’t family. De-friend someone who is rude or mean to you. And let Daddy check your page. I was on facebook briefly in 2008. Didn’t like it at all. I found out today it is *the* most viewed website in the world with like a trillion views a month. Okay so I’m an outsider on this one. But my daughter isn’t. You should have seen her face when I gave in. There were tears, and a million thank yous, and a giant hug and plenty of kisses, and geez, what can I say? I’m a strong woman. I can say no to a lot.  But not her.

Oh, her birthday is next weekend. This facebook page was all she wanted. Now what do I do? (No, Lucy, I’m not caving on the Mac Book Air.) :)

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