On my mind tonight


   Why don’t we name earthquakes like we do hurricanes? Could be fun.

   The low humidity today was such a nice reprieve from this oppressive summer.

   Please make it last until the football game this Saturday so my little cheerleader doesn’t suffer.

   Ate too much barbecue tonight for dinner. Hole-in-the-wall place. Oustanding.

   TV people are weird.

   Isn’t it fun to know weird people?

   I love my i-Pad. I’m using the word love about an inanimate object.

  Speaking of inanimate objects, I want to tell the entire reporting staff, you cannot ask an inanimate object a question. It cannot say or think anything. You also cannot evacuate people, only places. Well. you can evacuate a person. But you don’t want to.

  “True Blood” and “Entourage” were good Sunday night. Glad to see storylines are picking up.

  Everyone’s raving about ‘The Help.” Is it worth reading or seeing? 

  Watched the actors’ and director’s commentary for “Seven” this weekend. Did you know they spent $50,000 on those spooky opening credits?

   I don’t know which gets tired faster after a busy news day – my eyes or my ears. My vision is blurry right now and my right ear aches. See, TV is glamourous.

  I just used my desk dictionary to look up glamourous. I have had this dictionary since my first reporting job in 1992. You will not find the words ‘sexting’ or ‘mankini’ in its pages.

   ‘Sexting’ and ‘mankini’ were added to Oxford’s Dictionary today.

   I have Labor day off.

   But not Christmas.

   More TV glamour.

   I seem to always glance at a clock when it reads 9:11. Is this significant? Or is it just because of the significance of those numbers that I seem to remember looking at a clock?

  My little muffin just called to say goodnight. There is nothing sweeter than her voice. I think it actually soothed my aching ear.

   I will be deaf in my right ear as an old woman. I’m sure of it.

   Someone just cooked a Lean Cuisine. I know the smell of microwaved cardboard.

   Need to go brush my teeth before promos. Remember, I had BBQ.

   Oh crap, I also need gas. Hate filling up in midtown after midnight.

   Antwan’s here. Promo time.

   Your turn.

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