PGA Postmortem


     The golfers are home. The fans are sharing their pictures on facebook. The groundskeeper at the Atlanta Athletic Club is probably drinking heavily. The 93rd PGA Championship is in the books. And we put on one helluva show. I was worried. I’m not going to lie. Last Wednesday when I got a look at our set on scaffolding, at the deafening “air conditioning” unit that we affectionately called the hairdryer ’cause I don’t recall it spewing any cool air, the slow computer link to our newsroom, the intense ‘old school’ lights that are basically like staring into the sun, and the heat, my god, the heat, I wasn’t sure we were going to pull this off. And by we, I mean me. After a few live hits during our newscasts, we were ready for the live show at 7. It was good. Really good. I heard “better than Golf Channel”, “network quality”, and various other ego-stroking statements several times last week. My co-host Larry, a former CNN-er, was awesome. We clicked right away. The set looked fantastic, the lighting even better. And our producer who had been living golf for months to prepare set up the ball perfectly so we just had hit it over the net. (Fun with mixed sports metaphors!)  We nailed it again Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights with highlights, live interviews, and outsanding produced pieces about the golf course. I was so proud of what we put on the air. And now I feel confident if ever there is a golf breaking news emergency in which someone is needed to ad lib highlights while simultaneously looking at a leaderboard, I am your gal!

Several years ago, I volunteered to travel to Sea Island, Georgia to cover the G-8 summit where the leaders from the eight largest industrial nations get together and take pictures and bitch. I was terrified of the challenge. Lots of international politics, difficult names, protests. But it was one of the more rewarding weeks of my career. I pushed myself to do something. Last week’s golf specials were no different. And pushing yourself and finding out not only were you up to the challenge, but you surprised even yourself with your ability… feels so good.

Probably like winning the PGA Championship.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Wish I could have seen you and Larry. Who knows….I might even show some interest in golf. Congrats to everyone!

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