The List

An old friend and favorite blogger (check him out here posted his responses to an idea he borrowed from writer John Scalzi – Ten Things I Have Done That You (Probably) Haven’t. The list was funny and insightful and a great way to waste 10 minutes. Below is my attempt. Leave your own in the comments.

10. Worked at a Kentucky Fried Chicken

9. Had my dress almost torn off by a llama on live television

8. Sat in the ugly recliner used by Frasier Crane’s dad, Martin, on the show ‘Frasier’

7. Been pulled onstage by Sir Mix-A-Lot

6. Been hit on by a Senator (Strom Thurmond, if you’re wondering)

5. Clutched a box of tampons while talking with Falcons head coach Mike Smith

4. Been part of an inmate’s elaborate escape plan that included me piloting the TV station’s helicopter onto the roof of the prison

3. Been first to interview the first American Idol, Kelly Clarkson

2. Eaten dinner with Robin Leach at a T.G.I.Fridays in Nashville

1. Stayed off Facebook

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2 thoughts on “The List

  1. I’m not on Facebook, either! Just saw you today at 4…I recognized your voice…yes, WYFF! Just moved here from Greenville area and I am glad to see you again. I always wondered how your career went. I always thought you would do well nationally like on Fox News?? You never know…

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